Tips on Choosing the Right House Moving Company

May 21st 2019 in Web Design

Are you going to move a new house? Moving house can be so stressful, espcially when you deal with a lot of belongings or items to move. Fortunately, you can still hire a house moving company or removal company to help you transfer your items from the old house to the new house. If you decide to hire a moving company, you may read these following tips to get the right service.

1. Gather information and look for recommendations

Look for information about home moving services in various media, either from newspapers or internet. Try to find a moving service that covers your area. Ask for recommendations to friends, relatives and family, especially those who have previously moved houses.

2. Check the transfer service company

After you get the info about the moving company, then you need to check the company. Make sure the moving company that you want to hire has a clear office address, email addrss, official phone number, website, and ensure that the company has enough experience in the field of moving house.

3. Ask for a price quote or estimated cost

Another reason why you have to hire a moving company is to save time. How many days can you move your belongings alone? It may take a few days or two weeks. But, when you count on a removal company, moving house can be done in one day. Most removal companies will use trucks or special vans to carry your belongings. As you move to a new house today, you can also move all of the stuff from your old house to the new house on the same day.

4. Let them know the items in your house

Moving services usually will conduct surveys to inspect house. This survey is done to know the items and belongings to move and determine the estimated cost. In this case, you must give them the details of the belonging lists. A complete information may reduce extra cost when the moving day begins in case there may be items which are not calculated.

5. Try to overview the service cost offer

Overview the name of the item, description and the total bid price of the moving service sent. Check whether all your items are included in the calculation offered. If there is something inappropriate, you must immediately inform the moving company and ask for a new price quote.

6. Compare price offers from different services

After getting a price quote from various moving services, compare the price between one service to another. Look for a moving company that is in accordance with the budget that you have prepared. If it is possible, you can also bargain the price just in case they give you a special discount.

7. Choose the right moving service for you

Choose a trusted, professional transfer service and provide rates according to your moving budget. Take advantage of your recommendations and experience from other people who have used the service before, so you can determine the right service to hire.

8. Give direction when the moving process begins

Don't hesitate to give direction to the moving service team. You can tell them where the location of your new house and how it looks like. You may order the team to put, position, and arrange the belongings on the desired places. At last, you can ask for a phone number of the person in charge to coordinate when the moving process begins.